We’re in Portland this Month

The annual search for boar and peccaries now officially commences in the City of Portland. Each spring, hundreds of locals and spectators from around Portland gather to hunt down and witness one of the most ferocious and untamed wild swine hunting seasons. This year is going to be major hunting event thanks to its generous sponsor, Total Window Cleaning, one of the best Window Cleaning Companies in Portland City (totalwindowcleaning.com). Surely, this will be one of the most exciting boar hunting games of the season, as exciting prizes and surprises wait for the victor who will achieve the highest score for the “Biggest Monster Boar.”

Gigantic Boar

This year’s big game hunting event will be a thrilling contest of hunting skills and courage. The hunters are now placing their tents strategically in the northernmost tip of the forest to start off their hunting sessions. The North part is not only a good place where hunters can surely find wild boars spawning. You can also find many animals like Deer, Pheasants and Foxes there- Clearly a hunter’s ideal haven. There is a good chance that a hunter could or hear a group of big, wild pigs, as they can easily spot their tracks that lead them to the open fields of the thick autumn colored foliage. All the contestants are going to demonstrate their high prowess in luring, hunting and trapping the game. Bringing their guns, traps, hunting camouflage clothing, scent eliminators, wind indicators, and their baits, the contenders made their way into the open area for that exciting big catch. Tracking a big wild boar into the thick forest can be tricky.

Big Boar

It can really put a hunter’s tracking, spotting and shooting skills to a good test. One has to be extra cautious when finding the boar’s trails because you wouldn’t know how much time they’ve spent there. A hunter might also bump into a sleeping wild boar or a group who will suddenly charge at them if they feel cornered and threatened. The last thing a hunter wants to happen is being attacked by their trophies. The players will never stop searching for the biggest boar that they can ever hunt. That’s why they are tenacious and hard on hunting the wild swine with the most impressive tusk. At the end of the game, hunters are expected to bring their trophies to a glass table sponsored by Total Window Cleaning, where they will take measurements of their boars. The scores of boars are determined by their weight and the size of their tusks, which are added to make the total value. For example, if the weight part of the score is bigger than the tusk, the score would get a “W”. Similarly, if the tusk is bigger than the weight part, the final score would get a “T”. Whoever gets the boar with the hugest tusk wins. Hopefully, one hunter from Portland will finally raise the banner for victory and garner the highest score to beat the existing record of 240 Kilograms.